Sentence Examples

  • "Winter is a great time to repair the skin after a long summer of sun damage, so I recommend to clients that they get a great cleansing and exfoliating facial at the start of the season to get rid of the flaky skin that builds up.
  • Everyday, millions of teenagers and adults entrust their skin to Clean & Clear - some are combating unsightly blemishes, while others are exfoliating dry patches, moisturizing flaky skin, removing makeup or applying a refreshing toner.
  • Exfoliate: Your skin is likely to get a little flaky when the winter air sets in, and it's important to get rid of those flakes not just to look better, but to allow moisturizers to penetrate the skin below.
  • Since shaving is something that people do very frequently, it's important to select a shaving lotion that moisturizes skin naturally rather than one might leave skin dry, flaky, and irritated.
  • Individuals with dry skin may already avoid using powder because it tends to accentuate flaky spots; those with aging skin may likewise choose to avoid powders because they can draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles.