Sentence Examples

  • Most of the principal poems, tales and essays of JOnas Hallgrimsson appeared in the periodical Fj olnir, which he began publishing at Copenhagen in 183 5, together with Konr65 Gislason, a well-known philologist, and the patriotic Thomas Saemundsson.
  • Fj olnir had in the beginning a hard struggle against old prejudices, but as the years went by its influence became enormous; and when it at last ceased, its programme and spirit still lived in N5' Filagsrit and other patriotic periodicals which took its place.
  • 10) to be both internal, in the soul (6 g o-co ?6yos, Ev T 71 ikvx fj), and external, in language (6 g 5w X6yos): hence after Aristotle the Stoics distinguished X6yos EvScfiO€ros and 7rp040pcK6s.
  • X) through the intermediate sounds kj, fj, ~j: chamar (c 1 a m a r e), chao (p 1 a if u s), chamma (f 1 a m m a).