Sentence Examples

  • However, this is balancing on the razor's edge in that you could cannibalize some muscle tissue in the process; chug a pure protein drink (no carbs) and a fistful of fish oil capsules before you leave for the gym to prevent this.
  • While you might not get a large supply of free formula, you may walk away with a fistful of coupons that can be used on individual cans or formula by the case, and that's another great way to save money.
  • Instead of just handing over a fistful of money, place it in money holder-type card or in a neatly wrapped box.
  • Then surprise her at her door with a fistful of roses, chocolate, a smile and the limo behind you.
  • He took her arms and sat her in a chair, handed her a fistful of tissues, and knelt.