Sentence Examples

  • The child-labour law of 1909 forbids the employment of children under eighteen years of age in blast furnaces, tanneries, quarries, in managing elevator lifts or hoisting machines, in oiling dangerous machinery while in motion, at switch tending, as brakesmen, firemen, engineers, motormen and in other positions of similar character.
  • On the right (N.) are some small well-preserved thermae, and the barracks of the firemen (vigiles), a special cohort of whom was stationed here.
  • High) to the firemen lost in a great fire in 1890, besides many smaller memorials.
  • Cities have been allowed (1892), upon authorization by the General Assembly, to organize pension systems for disabled firemen, but not allowed (1904) to organize the same for police forces.
  • Meanwhile, in 1880 he was elected secretary and treasurer of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and was chosen editor of the Locomotive Firemen's Magazine.