Sentence Examples

  • Buy this $109.90 sandal for its innovative design, comfort cut, sling back easy-breezy style and saucy, look-at-me, fire-engine red finish!
  • Everyone expects wedding cakes to be white, but heart cakes done in soft pink, off-white, ivory, or fire-engine red are especially memorable and look great in photographs.
  • Fishnets are traditionally black, which is the most slimming and shaping color the leg can wear, but fire-engine red or hot pink fishnets can send a whole different message.
  • This ensemble seems to work best in their fire-engine red color, and when you combine the garter belt with its matching thong, you get one very hot look!
  • From their "Hockey Mask Licky" boxer that showcases a monkey in a hockey mask, to their fire-engine red ode to NASCAR, these undergarments are personality-driven.