Sentence Examples

  • In the Finnish war he also managed to distinguish himself.
  • Their native language, of Finnish origin, is rapidly disappearing, their present language being a Lettish patois.
  • It is connected by railway with Helsingfors and Tammerfors, and is the centre of the Finnish butter export, which now amounts to over 1,000,000 yearly.
  • Nests of this species were found in 1821 by Johana Wilhelm Zetterstedt near Juckasj,rwi in Swedish Lapland, but little was known concerning its nidification until 1855, when John Wolley, after two years' ineffectual search, succeeded in obtaining near the Finnish village Muonioniska, on the Swedish frontier, well-authenticated specimens with the eggs, both of which are like exaggerated bullfinches'.
  • He was accompanied throughout his journey by his mistress, the Finnish girl Afrosina.