Sentence Examples

  • The metal is manufactured, for use as filaments in electric lamps, by the action of sodium on sodium tantalofluoride.
  • The base of the stem bears numerous cell-filaments (rhizoids) which fix the plant to the substratum upon which it is growing.
  • As the powers of the telescope were gradually developed, it was found that the finest hairs or filaments of silk, or the thinnest silver wires that could be drawn, were much too thick for the refined purposes of the astronomer, as p p they entirely obliterated the image of a star in the more powerful telescopes.
  • They may bear accessory filaments or tentilla (f'), covered thickly with batteries of nematocysts, to which these organisms owe their great powers of -offence and defence.
  • Each palpacle is a tactile filament, very extensile, without accessory filaments or nematocysts.