Sentence Examples

  • Nowhere is sci-fi's what-if potential explored to as good an effect as in so-called 'feminist sci-fi'.Here are two examples of the genre.
  • Harvey has become a strong figure for the pop music industry: her songs embrace themes of female sexuality, motherhood and independence, though she shies away from being 'pigeon-holed' as a feminist.
  • Wearing such short skirts is also the subject of much feminist debate.
  • Thanks to its lyrical content - Franklin demands that a man better think about what he's trying to do and repeats "freedom" over and over in the chorus - the song was embraced by the burgeoning feminist movement of the time.
  • What frustrated Deepa Mehta even more was that her film also was criticized by the feminist groups in India, who claimed her film made it seem that the only reason to be an Indian lesbian was if the husband was neglectful.