Sentence Examples

  • You have the option of playing classic Uno in the quick play mode or joining Felicia Blue, secret agent working undercover, in a fun filled adventure game complete with new cards, great characters and plenty of twists in the adventure mode.
  • Mac Scorpio (Chief of Police) also raised Robin after her parents 'death' as well as the Jones girls (Maxie and Georgie) with Felicia Jones after Frisco abandoned them to work with WSB.
  • After the Top 36 show aired and viewers saw Pacitti advance, FOX released a statement saying that Pacitti had been replaced by Felicia Barton.
  • Those years featured the love stories of Luke and Laura, Robert and Holly, Anna and Duke and Frisco and Felicia.
  • An email from Felicia Culotta, who worked for Spears for 10 years, posted on a gossip blog.