Sentence Examples

  • Finding out ahead of time that two fan faves may end up in scenes together or that a long plotline is coming to a climax is one thing, but scoops and spoilers may leave a fan turned off by the idea without ever seeing the execution.
  • Early electronica and sample heavy dance groups like the Pet Shop Boys and Erasure point to Depeche Mode as inspiration, and fans of this less dark, more upbeat strain of 80s music also claim Depeche Mode as one of their faves.
  • These investment worthy pieces are likely to stay in style for years to come, so take good care of them, and don't repeat the same mistakes; when your faves go out of style, pack them up and store them wisely.
  • Here you will find cartoonish representations of some of your faves, such as Orlando Bloom, the Olsens, Pamela Anderson, Mandy Moore, Anne Hathaway, and Rihanna.
  • Choose from "totally tube-ular", "sequin love", "love justice", "all a-board", "neon necessity", and "our faves" collections.

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