Sentence Examples

  • The Palazzo Dario with its dedication, Urbis genio, the superb Manzoni-Montecuculi-Polignac, with its friezes of spread-eagles in low relief, and the Vendramini-Calergi or Non nobis palace, whose facade is characterized by its roundheaded windows of grouped twin lights between columns, are among the more important; though beautiful specimens, such as the Palazzo Trevisan on the Rio della Paglia, and the Palazzo Corner Reali at the Fava, are to be found all over the city.
  • Thus the words avaE, haTe, €pyov, Tiros, and many others must have been written at one time Fava, FEpyov, FE7ros.
  • Vegetarian dishes include falafel (made from ground garbanzo and fava beans) as well as steamed fresh pumpkin stuffed with an assortment of veggies.