Sentence Examples

  • Instead of discoursing on the corporate conscience of the state and the endowments of the Church, the importance of Christian education, and the theological unfitness of the Jews to sit in parliament, he is solving business-like problems about foreign tariffs and the exportation of machinery; waxing eloquent over the regulation of railways, and a graduated tax on corn; subtle on the monetary merits of half-farthings, and great in the mysterious lore of quassia and cocculus indicus.
  • Per contra the tax was wholly unfelt, a shilling a quarter only affecting an average family of four persons to the extent of three shillings per annum, or about three farthings a week, while it was paid little by little, as Adam Smith explains with regard to indirect taxes in general.
  • 4 I boy 7 apples 3 boys 21 apples Unit Number Product in § 37; A representing the determination of 2 0 of 7 1 2 of 4 of 2880 farthings, and B the conversion of 2880 farthings into L.
  • Thus twelve pennies make a shilling, and twenty shillings a pound, while the penny is itself divided into four farthings (or 8 I 2 3 no settled of symbols ..