Sentence Examples

  • Over the next century, bicycles went through several stages of development including the metal high wheeled bicycle and tricycle, known as the penny farthing.
  • (about a farthing a pound), and on imported tobacco twentyfour marks.
  • Place and profit were comparatively indifferent to him; he declares that he never received a farthing for any of his works except Gulliver's Travels, and that only by Pope's management; and he had so little regard for literary fame that he put his name to only one of his writings.
  • Between the qualities on a manufacturer's list, the difference in cost may not be more than a farthing; and, again, while the shopkeeper sometimes pays 22d.
  • Meantime the uttermost farthing was wrung from the wretched fellahin, while they were forced to the building of magnificent public works by unpaid labor.