Sentence Examples

  • It was that night, in deep remorse, Van Gogh famously cut off part of his own ear.
  • The furnishings for the couple's main home, which Giudice famously shopped for on the first season of the Real Housewives, dropping $100,000 in cash on furniture for one room, were auctioned off in July 2010.
  • Animal sun signs operate on the same compatibility factors as human sun signs; some signs get along famously, while others make less than ideal companions according to the way their personalities interact.
  • For example, if one person were to say "You're gonna need a bigger boat" you would rightly respond "Jaws" as this is the line famously ad-libbed by Roy Scheider playing Amity police chief Martin Brody.
  • Johnny Depp is one of the most famously tattooed people on Hollywood; he has several tattoos, mostly the arms and all medium-sized tattoos that stand individually on their own - no sleeves for one of Hollywood's most famous leading men.