Sentence Examples

  • Within the Christian community, you have a higher likelihood of finding people who have already attended faith-based institutions and might be willing to share recommendations, advice, or personal stories with you.
  • For people who seek out faith-based institutions or who want to learn more about the Christian faith, Christian colleges' distance learning programs can be a valuable resource and source of community connection.
  • However, while vow exchange ceremonies on the high seas are still trendy, these days most Christian cruises cater to married couples seeking to enrich their relationships through faith-based activities.
  • A Christian faith-based organization, the Salvation Army, offers six-week Family Education classes for parents, siblings, and spouses of those taking part in Salvation Army recovery programs.
  • In May of 2004, the U.S. Department of Education and faith-based community leaders launched an initiative to inform Hispanic, Asian, and other parents of ELLs about the NCLB.