Sentence Examples

  • It is due to the influence of the laisser faire doctrine that we regard law and regulation as a restraint on liberty.
  • In Arnauld's Defence (1669) of the famous Port Royal version of the New Testament in French (issued, 1667), he states that it had been printed in many forms and sizes, including very cheap editions for the poor, and goes on to describe how its circulation was promoted by "les sacrifices que s'imposaient les pieux solitaires pour faire participer les plus indigents au bienfait de leur entreprise.
  • Chartism begins with a fierce attack upon the laissez faire theory, which showed blindness to this necessity.
  • The failure of " laissez-faire " individualism in politics to produce that common prosperity and happiness which its advocates hoped for caused men to question the egoistic basis upon which its ethical counterpart was constructed.
  • ' As Billion has well said: - " L'idee de ramener l'explication de tons les phenomenes a des principes mecaniques est assurement grande et belle,ce pas est le plus hardi qu'on peut faire en philosophic, et c'est Descartes qui l'a fait."