Fair Trade Definition

fair-traded, fair-trading
Trade carried on according to a commercial agreement under which distributors sell products of a given class at no less than a minimum price set by the manufacturer.
American Heritage

Trade done within the stipulations of a fair-trade agreement.

Webster's New World
Trade that is considered fair because it respects workers' rights and minimizes environmental damage.
American Heritage

A system of trading promoting more equitable global trade, especially to sellers and producers in poorer areas, but also to the environment.

Designating or of an agreement whereby a seller undertakes to charge no less than the minimum price set by a manufacturer on a specified trademarked or brand-name commodity: most U.S. states no longer permit such agreements.
Webster's New World
Designating or of goods, as food or clothing, that are produced in developing countries and traded under an agreement in which a buyer in a developed country pays a price to the producer that is higher than the free-market price.
Webster's New World
Of such an agreement, or of a social movement advocating it.
Webster's New World
To sell (a commodity or goods) under such an agreement.
Webster's New World

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