Sentence Examples

  • The Cursor Mundi had turned religious history into something not very different from a romance of chivalry, and in the stories of Handlyng Synne the influence of the fabliaux is not far to seek.
  • Le chevalier ci la corbeille, Le chevalier qui faisait parler les muets, Le chevalier, sa dame et un clerc, Les trois dames, La gageure, Le pretre d'Alison, La bourgeoise d'Orleans (Bedier, Les Fabliaux, 1895).
  • P. 199; Barbazan, Fabliaux, torn.
  • The common origin of them all is to be found in the old French fabliaux, though some well-known tales are evidently Eastern, and others classical.
  • He also edited Gregory Lewis Way's translation of select Fabliaux in 1796.