Sentence Examples

  • Children who attend traditional schools all day long have to fit extracurricular activities into their schedule at the end of the day, often when they are too tired to get much out of these activities.
  • On top of regular classes, students often have to deal with tutoring, papers, sports practices, extracurricular activities, and any number of personal problems that might pop up during the school year.
  • Providing programs that appeal to a wider range of students at all grade levels of middle and high school would likely increase participation in extracurricular sports and physical activity programs.
  • Physical exam: Students who want to join a sports team may be required to take a physical, and some schools require drug tests before students qualify to participate in sports or other extracurricular activities.
  • Even if you're not that involved with extracurricular activities at school, when a job takes away from your ability to study, socialize, spend some time with family, and get enough rest, there is a problem.