Sentence Examples

  • Several infections can result in symptoms similar to FMF (Mallaret meningitis, for instance), and many people with FMF undergo exploratory abdominal surgery and ineffective treatments before they are finally diagnosed.
  • On an exploratory mission, Chekov and another crewman accidentally discover the ship of the Botany Bay on Seti Alpha 4- a group of genetically altered supermen and women left on the planet by Kirk many years before.
  • Exploratory work is associated intimately both with prospecting and with development, but the purpose is quite distinct from either prospecting, development or working, and it is of importance that this should be clearly recognized.
  • The object of the foregoing paragraphs has been to show in what way the positive, inquisitive, secular, exploratory spirit of the Renaissance, when toned and controlled by humanism, penetrated the regions of literature, art, philosophy and science.
  • Exploratory Work.