Sentence Examples

  • If you're 30 years old and your maximum heart rate is 190 bpm, your target heart rate should be between 95 and 114 bpm if you're new to fitness, and between 114 and 133 bpm if you're an experienced exerciser.
  • Typically, a timer is used and the exerciser performs strength training exercises for a specific body part for 30 seconds followed by aerobics exercise for 2 minutes - until all body parts have been worked.
  • Whether you enjoy working out at the gym, joining a class, or exercising on the weekend with friends, there are plenty of aerobic exercises no matter which type of exerciser you are.
  • Working on the same principle of counterbalance, the Horseback Exercise Machine Core Exerciser Giddyup features two motors which closely simulate the actions of riding a horse.
  • Sit-ups: Instead of doing traditional sit-ups, the exerciser either grasps a medicine ball while doing the sit-ups or throws the ball to a partner with alternating sit-ups.