Sentence Examples

  • Bandai's WonderSwan never made it to the United States, but it had a good following in Japan, thanks in part to having port exclusivity to the Final Fantasy series.
  • You can view the entire 2008 summer and spring collection at Miss, but actually getting your hands on one of these amazing bikinis may be something of a problem since this line takes "exclusivity" to an entirely new level!
  • Black Hills gold jewelry continued to increase in popularity, and today its exclusivity is maintained through a federal mandate that any jewelry claiming to be Black Hills gold must be manufactured in the vicinity of the Black Hills.
  • The exclusivity deal with AT&T certainly helped to bolster its subscriber numbers, but this put an increased burden on the network and this may have led to some of the issues related to dropped calls and poor coverage.
  • If you're a Verizon customer and don't want to change, but desperately want to have an iPhone, you may find yourself holding your breath until at least 2010 and the end of the exclusivity contract with AT&T.