Sentence Examples

  • He had woken the morning after a doctor had excised tonsils from his six­year-old throat.
  • (After Spengel.) B, Surface view of a rudimentary ctenidium of Patella excised and viewed as a transparent object.
  • When the pancreas is excised in an animal, or when it is destroyed in man by disease, grape-sugar appears in the urine.
  • This is attested as a "true copy," but Moray, who had been present when Bowton was examined (December 8, 1567), knew that the copy presented at Westminster (December 1568) had been mutilated because the excised passages were damning to Lethington and the earl of Morton, accomplices in the crime of Darnley's murder, and accomplices of Moray in his prosecution of his sister.
  • A second edition of the Chronicles, enlarged and improved but without illustrations, which appeared in 1587, contained statements which were offensive to Queen Elizabeth and her advisers, and immediately after publication some of the pages were excised by order of the privy council.