Sentence Examples

  • All mortal sins shall be punished and extirpated by those whose office it is so to do.
  • At one time, such plants were probably of more general occurrence: now they have been extirpated in the intermediate localities, chiefly owing to the cultivation of the land in these places by man.
  • It is, of course, quite impossible, in a survey of extinct birds, to divide them into those which are bona fide fossil, sub-fossil, recently extirpated and partially exterminated.
  • The Edomites, who had been almost extirpated by David in the valley of Salt, south of the Dead Sea, were now strong enough to seek revenge; and the powerful kingdom of Damascus, whose foundation is ascribed to this period, began to threaten Israel on the north and north-east.
  • Two hundred and forty years after the appearing of the false Messiah there came to the world sixty thousand saints out of Pharaoh's world to take the place of the Mandaeans, who had been completely extirpated; their high priest had his residence in Damascus.