Sentence Examples

  • The town of Bourke, lying on the upper Darling, may be taken as an example of many of the interior districts, and illustrates peculiarly well the defects as well as the excellencies of the climate of the whole region.
  • Many of the excellencies of L'Herminier's method could not be pointed out without too great a sacrifice of space, because of the details into which.
  • Herbert was that " ships, be sides the transporting of richer varieties from place to place, consociate the most remote regions of the earth by participation of commodities and other excellencies to each other."
  • There is therefore a certain element of artificiality in his treatment; and this, since it is easier to copy defects than excellencies, has been perpetuated with wearisome monotony by versifiers who chose him for their model.
  • Agnelli, Excellencies of the Oratory of St Philip Neri, trans.

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