Sentence Examples

  • On the 1st of October Loisy published three new books, Autour d'un petit livre, Le Quatrieme Evangile and Le Discours sur la Montagne.
  • Le Quatrieme Evangile, one thousand large pages long, is possibly over-confident in its detailed application of the allegorical method; yet it constitutes a rarely perfect sympathetic reproduction of a great mystical believer's imperishable intuitions.
  • Among the few critically satisfactory French books, Abbe Loisy's Le Quatrieme evangile (1903) stands pre-eminent for delicate psychological analysis and continuous sense of the book's closely knit unity; whilst Pere Th.
  • Calmes' Evangile selon S.
  • Loisy, Le Quatrieme Evangile (Paris, 1903); Prof. P. W.

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