Sentence Examples

  • Commissioned him to evangelize Germany and to counteract the influence of the Irish monks there.
  • He warmly supported the Catholic missionary bishop of Holland, Rovenius, in his contests with the Jesuits, who were trying to evangelize that country without regard to the bishop's wishes.
  • Smith, Short History of Christian Missions, pp. '16-118; Gustavus Vasa in 1559 made an effort to educate and evangelize the Lapps.
  • - The earliest attempt to evangelize the aborigines of Australia by a separate mission was that of the Church Missionary Society in 1825.
  • In 1846-1848 a remarkable religious brotherhood (the Briiderhaus, founded by Spittler of Basel) settled in Jerusalem: it was originally intended to be a settlement of celibate mechanics that would form a nucleus of mission work to evangelize the world.