Sentence Examples

  • ETS specializes in demo models and used beds.
  • To), and in sacerdotes vocabuntur = Ets LspE%s KX, 1 O, rovrac, INN!
  • It was put down with the same decisive energy that William had shown in 1088, and this time he was merciless; he blinded and mutilated William of Ets, shut up Mowbray of Northumberland for life in a monastery, and hanged many men of lesser rank.
  • Masc. es, and also ets, which appears to come from istosets for ests, like aquets for aquestsf em.
  • Ses formed upon the persons of the plural, while continental Catalan says ets (anciently est), as also, in the plural, scm, seu, instead of som, sou, are noted; tenere has passed over to the conjugation in re (trenda=tendre), but it is at the same time true that in ordinary Catalan also we have hindrer alongside of tenir the habitual form; dicere gives not dir but diure, which is more regular.