Sentence Examples

  • Although he had resigned, he remained In reality the emperor was contemplating an Etrurian kingdom with the prince at its head.
  • The foot of 11.6 appears probably first in the prehistoric and early Greek remains, and is certainly found in Etrurian tomb dimensions as 11.59 (25).
  • Either from its Pelasgic or Etrurian use or from Romans, this foot appears to have come into prehistoric remains, as the circle of Stonehenge (26) is 100 ft.
  • It is perhaps found in Etrurian coinage as 175-172 (17).
  • This unit passed also into Italy, the libra of Picenum and the double of the Etrurian and Sicilian libra (17); it was there divided in unciae and scripulae (44), the mean of 6 from Italy and Sicily being 6600; one weight (bought in Smyrna) has the name "Leitra" on it.

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