Sentence Examples

  • Autism is a disorder that knows no bounds, affecting people of every race, ethnicity, and social group in equal measure, but autism does discriminate according to gender, with boys four times more likely to be affected than girls.
  • Whereas remains a powerful resource for busy single parents who might be otherwise isolated from the social scene, sites such as and use ethnicity as a focal interest point.
  • On the other hand, other genealogists are less likely to accept the DNA research, seeing it as a very limited way to trace lineage and ethnicity, and not as fulfilling as the name and date tracing of more traditional genealogy practices.
  • The peer groups of adolescence, especially teens, are often based on athletic, social, or academic interests and abilities; on distinctions of race, ethnicity, and social class; and on proclivities such as drug use and delinquency.
  • However, this study was limited by the small number of Asian and Hispanic patients surveyed, as well as the lack of patient's country of origin and physician's ethnicity, factors that may affect patient evaluations of primary care.