Sentence Examples

  • EQ: So then the CEO was asking me what I thought I was doing, and so I had to explain to him that email was a better delivery mechanism because it saves on paper, it saves time and third and most importantly it offers better tracking.
  • EQ: This goes back to 1994, I was working for an ad agency at Pontiac and Cadillac, and we had to do conference reports with the names of different people in the agency as well as the clients who were at the meeting.
  • EQ: Yes exactly, and it's been a great position for me to be in because I've worked for these companies, so I can see from an insider's perspective what these companies are struggling with.
  • EQ: This is actually something I talk about in the book - the first thing a company should do is identify which sector is going to give them the best chance for success.
  • Baggs electronics system has an on-board chromatic tuner, notch filter, EQ and volume controls so you can dial in your sound just as you like it.