Sentence Examples

  • Unlike paraffin waxes that contain crude oil byproducts, soy wax is natural and biodegradable and, therefore, ideal for people who desire an environmentally-friendly non-toxic product.
  • This professional yoga mat from Jade receives great reviews for being environmentally-friendly and how it feels to practice yoga on it; however, the mat is made with open cells, which creates a few problems.
  • You will likely notice right away that the most expensive models can actually be simpler in design than some of the cheaper options, but this is usually due to the environmentally-friendly construction.
  • Begin green building and home improvement practices: Incorporate environmentally-friendly elements in new home construction from the outset; when doing renovations, choose eco-conscious alternatives.
  • The Farmer's Pantry also sells an assortment of environmentally-friendly brands in categories like pet food, health and beauty, baby care, paper products, cleaning supplies and household items.

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