Sentence Examples

  • Not merely as exemplifying the tactical envelopment, but also as embodying the central idea of grand strategy, was Worcester the prototype of Sedan.
  • Cronje and the envelopment of Kimberley by Free State commandos under General Wessels.
  • The Japanese attack was convergent, but there was no room for envelopment; the Russian position moreover was " all-round " and presented no flanks, and except for the enfilade fire of the Japanese and Russian gunboats in the shallow bays on either side the battle was locally at every point a frontal attack and defence.
  • 4 Di Giorgio's left was pushed back still farther, endangering the line of retreat for the Carnia force divisions, and once more threatening the whole Italian line with envelopment from the north.
  • In both cases the envelopment of all the forces that the Turks could gather for battle was the object aimed at.