Sentence Examples

  • Keeping in mind that LG is the same company behind the hugely popular Chocolate Phone and the LG enV (also available through Verizon), the Voyager looks like it has all the markings of being a huge hit.
  • That said, you can probably expect that the Verizon Voyager cell hone will marry some of the best features from the LG enV with some of the best features from the Apple iPhone.
  • While it is neither pink nor is it a smartphone, the LG enV 3 might be able to satisfy some your need to express a splash of color on your chosen mobile phone.
  • If you're interested in something like the T-Mobile Sidekick 3 or the LG enV, the Palm Centro might be worth a look too.
  • From what we hear, the Verizon Voyager cell phone will take on a similar form factor as the LG enV.