Sentence Examples

  • Crocodiles are caught in various ways, - for instance, with two pointed sticks, which are fastened crosswise within the bait, an animal's entrails, to which is attached a rope.
  • In the Malay Peninsula, parts of Polynesia, &c., it is conceived as a head with attached entrails, which issues, it may be from the grave, to suck the blood of living human beings.
  • Their art (disciplina) consisted especially in deducing the will of the gods from the appearance presented by the entrails of the slain victim.
  • Vines, in particular, are the entrails of Chokanipok.
  • Hutton describes his specimens as sucking the juices of flies, which they had stuck down with their slime, and they have been observed in captivity to devour the entrails which have been removed from their fellows, and to eat raw sheep's liver.