Sentence Examples

  • Air gun or BB pellets that have penetrated the nose or nearby sinuses are generally removed with the help of an endoscope, which is a slender tubular instrument that allows the doctor to examine the inside of a body cavity.
  • With regard to foreign bodies in the digestive tract, between 80 percent and 90 percent pass through without incident; 10-20 percent can be removed with an endoscope; and fewer than 1 percent require surgical removal.
  • On other occasions, as when the object is blocking the entrance to the stomach, a fiberoptic endoscope (an illuminated instrument that views the interior of a body cavity) may be used.
  • Fluoroscopy is also used to help guide catheters into place in the heart during cardiac catheterization or to guide an endoscope during endoscopic surgery.
  • The endoscope usually has a fiberoptic camera that allows a greatly magnified image to be shown on a television screen viewed by the operator.