Sentence Examples

  • Pesticides and similarly constructed chemical agents can cause cancer and can damage human endocrine and nervous systems, and they can be found in the soil, food, water, and in the air.
  • This condition, called hirsutism, is not itself life-threatening (though the emotional effects can be traumatic), but it can indicate more serious conditions such as tumors, cancer, or endocrine system abnormalities.
  • Because bone growth is affected by calcium regulating hormones, sex steroids, and thyroid hormones, disturbances in the endocrine system, which controls hormones, can be detected.
  • All MEN types are the result of inherited genetic mutations that predispose the individual to excessive growth of cells (hyperplasia) and tumor formation in multiple endocrine glands.
  • Sometimes referred to as the "master gland," it regulates and controls the activities of other endocrine glands and many body processes including growth and reproductive function.