Sentence Examples

  • It is also formed in the pancreatic fermentation of albumen, and, in small quantities, by passing the vapours of monoand dialkylanilines through a red-hot tube.
  • Hoek himself proposes to call them pancreatic glands.
  • It is very probable that in Scorpio they do not serve merely to secrete a digestive fluid (shown in other Arthropoda to resemble the pancreatic fluid), but that they also become distended by the juices of the prey sucked in by the scorpion - as certainly must occur in the case of the simple unbranched gastric caeca of the spiders.
  • ADENINE, or 6-AMINO-PURIN, C5H5N5, in chemistry, a basic substance which has been obtained as a decomposition product of nuclein, and also from the pancreatic glands of oxen.
  • Very constantly a pair of simple sacklike glands open into the stomach, and probably represent the hepato-pancreatic glands of other Invertebrates.