Sentence Examples

  • But we may supply this deficiency from the Enchiridion Ethicum of Henry More, another thinker of the same school.
  • It was based on St Augustine's Enchiridion, and considers (a) Faith, i.e.
  • Forster in 1788 (Enchiridion, p. 37) conferred upon it, from its snowy plumage, the name Chionis, which has most properly received general acceptance, though in the same year the compiler Gmelin termed the genus Vaginalis, as a rendering of Pennant's English name, and the species alba.
  • The Enchiridion and Genera Plantarum of S.
  • After his return from Persia Simplicius wrote commentaries upon Aristotle's De coelo, Physica, De anima and Categoriae, which, with a commentary upon the Enchiridion of Epictetus, have survived.