Encapsulate Definition

encapsulated, encapsulates, encapsulating
encapsulated, encapsulates, encapsulating
To enclose in or as if in a capsule.
Webster's New World
To put in concise form; condense.
Webster's New World
To express in a brief summary; epitomize.
Headlines that encapsulate the news.
American Heritage
To become encapsulated.
American Heritage
Encapsulate is defined as to enclose or encircle, especially in a protective membrane, or to briefly explain the essence of something.
When you enclose something carefully inside of a capsule, this is an example of a time when you encapsulate it.
When you explain the plot of a movie in a sentence or two, this is an example of a time when you encapsulate the plot.

To frame or enclose a unit of information with control data in order that a network can process it properly. An encapsulating bridge, for example, can interconnect an Ethernet LAN and a Token Ring LAN, surrounding the native LAN frame with control information appropriate to the LAN on which the target device is attached. In other words, an encapsulating bridge places an Ethernet frame inside a Token Ring frame, or vice versa. Similarly, a frame relay access device (FRAD) encapsulates an Internet Protocol (IP) packet before presenting it to a frame relay network. See also bridge, Ethernet, FRAD, frame, frame relay, IP, LAN, packet, and Token Ring.

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Origin of Encapsulate

  • From en- +‎ capsule +‎ -ate.

    From Wiktionary

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