Sentence Examples

  • But empires move, though rulers bid them stand still.
  • His other writings include: Church Courts and Church Discipline (1843); Doctrine of the Holy Eucharist (1853); Doctrine of the Incarnation in Relation to Mankind and the Church (1848 and later editions); The Five Empires, a Sketch of Ancient History (1840); A Sketch of the History of Erastianismn (1851); An Enquiry into the Principles of Church Authority (1854); and a romance, Rutilius and Lucius (1842).
  • In 803 and 810 he made a treaty with Charlemagne, by which the limits of the two empires were amicably fixed.
  • But he had little success, and soon concluded a treaty by which both empires promised toleration to the worshippers of the two rival religions, Christianity and Zoroastrianism.
  • Maspero, Dawn of Civilization (1896), Struggle of the Nations (1897), and Passing of the Empires (1900); L.