Sentence Examples

  • Most shampoos contain the same basic ingredients consisting of a detergent, a binder, a foaming agent, preservatives, and some sort of emollient to prevent cuticle stripping.
  • There is an approximately 3x3 inch patch in the training pants which contains Sorbitol, a sugar-like material that is used as a sweetener in gum or as a skin softening emollient.
  • Wen Styling Creme: Perfect for adding a smooth sheen to the hair prior to blow-dry styling, this emollient cream restores moisture while adding a lightweight hold to the hair.
  • With a curl-defining serum and a heavy gloss emollient, you can control curls during the heat and humidity without having to rely on ponytail after ponytail.
  • Instead, ask your stylist for sedu beauty tips and to recommend a heat protecting spray such as Aveda's Brilliant Damage Control and a shine emollient.