Sentence Examples

  • As bands like Dashboard Confessional and Fallout Boy enjoyed wide success, the term emo became even more amorphous, with bands being labeled "emo" for having only a vague resemblance to other emo artists or a stereotypical emo image.
  • If emo clothes for girls are on your daughter's must-have list, you may not be able to find a store that exclusively sells emo clothing, but you can find clothing at a variety of locations to suit your girl's wardrobe needs.
  • While there may be anger beneath the surface - or even bubbling way over the surface - of individuals who consider themselves emo, in truth emo may best be described as a cataclysm of feelings that aren't easily explained.
  • Many teens opt for emo hair styles, scene hair, or even punk hair styles to show the wilder sides of their personality, while other teens choose from a wide range of bobs, shags, and fun looks for any hair color or length.
  • Sites like this allow you to see how to incorporate your own natural color (if you love it) into an emo hairstyle, simply by adding bright streaks of color or utilizing a few snips of the scissors from a professional.