Sentence Examples

  • For decades, the House of Harry Winston has provided some of the most spectacular gems to actresses, singers, and other celebrities for the Tony Awards, Emmy Awards, and Academy Awards, where they add immeasurable glitter to the red carpet.
  • Although the Daytime Emmy's didn't start awarding soap opera actors and actresses for their craft until the early 70s, the prestige of receiving an Emmy in daytime can often translate into primetime success with a few notable exceptions.
  • Soap opera fans and others who enjoy daytime television breathlessly awaiting the announcement of the Daytime Emmy winners typically find out the results during the Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony, held each year during the summer.
  • Erica's child (a product of a rape when she was just 14 years old) debuted on the show in the mid 90s played by Sarah Michelle Gellar (who would earn an Emmy for her portrayal and would go on to play Buffy the Vampire Slayer).
  • This video featuring Emmy winner Adrienne Frantz from The Young and the Restless and her candle company-owning friend, offers a very thorough demonstration regarding the essential steps to making scented candles using soy wax.