Sentence Examples

  • The emeralds in the mortal lakes, the uncollected souls, the broken radars, the demons stealing souls.
  • If these were emeralds, it made sense that they sold these to build it.
  • Katie stared at the necklace, horrified by the idea of looking at a soul and fascinated by the fact they looked like emeralds.  Gabe turned away and started through the forest again.
  • The idea of emeralds swimming around in a lake was too much for Katie.  She felt nauseous again at her overwhelming situation and stopped, leaning against a tree.  What she would give for a sip of real water!
  • Gabe leaned across her to grab the bag with his weapons' polishing supplies.  A necklace with two emeralds – identical to the one he'd given her to wear – dangled above her.