Sentence Examples

  • When his ministry began its fires were slowly dying down, though the embers still glowed.
  • He felt as if he had swallowed the contents of an ashbin while embers still lived.
  • After burning for twenty-four hours the smouldering embers were extinguished with libations of wine.
  • Released from his religious obligations, Caesar now (81 B.C.) left Rome for the East and served his first campaign under Minucius Thermus, who was engaged in stamping out the embers of resistance to Roman rule in the province of Asia, and received from him the "civic crown" for saving a fellow-soldier's life at the storm of Mytilene.
  • Indeed, many prominent French and German divines still denied papal infallibility altogether; and Louis Napoleon had regularly fallen back on Richelieu's old device of stirring up the embers of Gallicanism, whenever the French clergy grew restive about his alliance with Victor Emmanuel.