Sentence Examples

  • The eyepiece slides into the tube cd, which screws into the brass ring ef, through two openings in which the oblong frame, containing the micrometer slides, passes.
  • In the process ef cell-fusion the cell-wall swells slightly and then begins to dissolve gradually at some one point.
  • Since the amounts of heat supplied at constant pressure from E to F and from E to C are in the limit proportional to the expansions EF and EC which they produce, the ratio S/s is equal to the ratio ECÆF.
  • EF is the change of volume corresponding to a change of pressure BE when no heat is allowed to escape and the path is the adiabatic BF, EC is the change of volume for the same change of pressure BE when the path is the isothermal BC. These changes of volume are directly as the compressibilities, or inversely as the elasticities.
  • I) be a small portion of a bell which vibrates to and fro from CD to EF and back.