Sentence Examples

  • Although she was very concerned about me because I had gained 65 pounds in the course of the pregnancy and was starting to show some edema in my legs, the midwife was wonderful in the four weeks that she worked with us before the birth.
  • In severe cases of hyperglycemia in which cerebral edema occurs, mannitol is administered at the first sign of edema, such as unconsciousness, difficulty breathing, severe headache, irregular heartbeat, or seizures.
  • The absence of edema (fluid retention) distinguishes marasmus-like secondary PEM, a gradual wasting process that begins with weight loss and progresses to mild, moderate, or severe malnutrition (cachexia).
  • Bruce Lee - Official reports list a cerebral edema as the cause of the coma Lee suffered, but speculation ran rampant after his death in 1973 that the martial arts master was the victim of foul play.
  • Treatment for hyperglycemia must be delivered carefully and with close monitoring to avoid the risk of hypokalemia (higher than normal serum levels of potassium) and subsequent cerebral edema.