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  • About Flowers: Get diagrams for over 20 flowers, including dryas, edelweiss and primrose.
  • Two typical species are Lychnis apetala, which extends to Spitsbergen, and the well-known edelweiss.
  • The last named (the well-known " edelweiss ") is at the present day characteristic of the Siberian steppes.
  • For this attack he detailed the 22nd Schiitzen Div., followed immediately by a Kaiserjager and a Kaiserschiitzen batt., which were to go straight for the Stol, and by six battalions of the 3rd (Edelweiss) Div., which were to make for the Val Fella by way of the Val d'Ucosa.
  • The 22nd Schiitzen and Edelweiss Divs.

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