Sentence Examples

  • 1894); Die Edda (1889).
  • Sifrit), the hero of the Nibelungenlied, and of a number of Scandinavian poems included in the older Edda, as well as of the prose V iilsunga Saga, which is based upon the latter.
  • His literary activity was enormous, extending from his Edda Skandinawska (1807) to his Geographie des Arabes (2 vols., Paris, 1851).
  • To these must be added a large number of Old Norse writings including the older Edda and the prose Edda (the chief authorities for Northern mythology), Islands Landnamabok and many sagas dealing with the history of families in Iceland (such as Eyrbyggia Saga) or with the lives of Norwegian and other kings, both historical and legendary (in Heimskringla, Fornmanna Sogur and Rafn's Fornaldar Sogur Norr landa).
  • He published also translations of the Samunder Edda and Herwara-Saga, and a history of Sweden to Charles XII.